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WoWonder v2.2 The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform Nulled

WoWonder – a big CMS update for creating a social network is available for download. Supports caching, registration and entry through social. networks, communities, flash games, hashtags, profiles, likes, quick search, multilingual (including Russian), API, and more.

Version 2.2 01/04/2019
[Added] The ability to add and manage genders from admin panel. 
[Added] The ability to earn points by creating blogs. 
[Added] points for pro and free users. 
[Added] group chat info and avatar. 
[Added] The ability to turn off 
[Added] the ability to filter porn and nude pictures using the Google Vision API. 
[Added] your email if it changes from the settings page, if the email verfication is enabled. 
[Added] new sharing system, group and pages. 
[Added] the ability to manage packages
[Added] panel control options + seperated. 
[Added] ability to view reactions, likes, dislikes on comments and replies. 
[Added] the ability to view reactions, likes of posts on new model. 
[Added] bank payments for wallet and pro. 
[Added] group chat API, albums API, Pokes API and few APIs. 
[Added] group chat notifications. 
[Added] your ability to post posts by one click from admin panel. 
[Added] recaptcha to contact us from. 
[Added] new message page desgin for default theme. 
[Fixed] few important bugs. 
[Fixed] secuity threat, URGENT an update is required.

Demo WoWonder CMS social network

Download WoWonder CMS social network

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